Withdrawing money from QQjili is not difficult, just read the instructions and follow the steps. After experiencing it, many users gave positive feedback about our withdrawal feature. Refer to this guide now to better understand how to withdraw QQjili money and what to keep in mind!

Instructions for withdrawing money from QQjili are simple and fast

After winning a bet, perhaps any player is eager to withdraw money quickly from their account. Understanding people’s needs and wanting to prove service quality, QQjili has shortened the procedures. Below are extremely simple steps that anyone can follow:

Step 1: Log in to your QQjili betting account

To withdraw money, you must go to the brand’s official homepage and log in successfully. Besides, check if your account has enough balance to make a withdrawal.

Step 2: Access your account’s profile page and go to the withdraw section

QQjili withdrawal
QQjili withdrawal

QQjili offers a diverse product portfolio and many attractive features. You can immediately find your avatar and account name on the main toolbar of the home page. Click on Avatar, and you will access your account’s profile page. Then, go to the withdrawal section.

Step 3: Fill in all personal information correctly and completely

In order for QQjili to transfer money to the correct account, you must provide complete and accurate information.

Step 4: Check and click Submit

After checking the information one by one and making sure it is correct, press the submit button. From here, the system will verify and notify the user of the successful withdrawal transaction.

QQjili withdrawal notes

QQjili withdrawal notes
QQjili withdrawal notes

Before withdrawing money, the first thing players need to pay attention to is a number of issues listed below. With these requirements, brands can ensure fairness and protect personal rights for all members. Reading these notes in advance will help you avoid having to face unnecessary problems:

  • The person must ensure that they provide complete and accurate information so that the house system can distinguish between fake users and genuine users. If the player intentionally cheats, QQjili will not be responsible later.
  • Withdrawal: QQjili will payout within 10 minutes most of the time.
  • Withdrawal Time: You may request a withdraw with 24 hrs, QQjili will payout within 10 minutes in most of the time, please refer to a particular payment gateway.
  • Withdrawal Amount: Minimum per request: 200P or equal. Maximum per day: 50,000P or equal. Note: You have to reach the turnover level to make a withdrawal request.
  • Withdrawal fee: We don’t charge anything for withdrawing.
  • Failing on withdrawal: 1: If you have reached the turnover for withdrawal. 2: If you have an active bonus, you cannot withdraw your bonus balance until the bonus is complete. 3: If you provide the wrong bank information or the bank is frozen.
  • How to edit my personal information: Please contact the customer support to change the correct bank account, payee name and so on.

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