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About us

About us

QQjili is one of the best-rated online casinos in the Philippine gambling market. The proof is that the number of people participating in QQjili has reached millions of accounts. If you want to learn more about us, read the information below.

Introducing QQjili online casino

QQjili is an online casino operating in the Philippines and providing games such as Slots Games, Live Casino, Fishing games, Sports Betting, Poker games, Lottery Games, etc. During the process of formation and development, QQjili has built its own reputable brand. We have a first-class gaming system and a professional customer service team. This has attracted millions of players in the Philippines to participate.

With a long history of operation and extensive experience in developing online casinos, we will definitely bring you the best experience.


QQjili is headquartered in Curacao, home to a large concentration of world-famous online casinos.


QQJILI has a legal license issued by the European MGA Malta, UK GC Supervisory Commission (Gambling Commission) and the Government of the Philippines (PAGCOR). Registered in the British Virgin Islands, it is a legitimate company recognized by an international industry association.

QQjili company scale

To provide you with a more detailed picture of QQjili, all of our departments and functions will be fully listed here.

Customer suport department

First, the customer service department, with about 100 employees, will take on the role of supporting players during use. This is the department that receives the most attention because service department employees will interact directly with customers to maintain the task of answering questions and promoting the player experience.

That’s why customer service department personnel are always carefully screened and selected. Players can see the professionalism in the way they talk and interact with our customer service staff.

The customer service department will operate 24/7 to support players. Any problems and difficulties that players encounter when placing bets will always be enthusiastically and quickly supported to ensure players have the most perfect betting experience. Contact us HERE.

Sales department

The sales department is an indispensable part of QQjili. With a team of about 120 people, this is the department responsible for promoting and finding new players to promote the QQjili brand.

The customer sales department has activities to attract customers on social networking platforms, betting forums, and advertising, and offers attractive policies to attract players. Through the above work, our brand image will be conveyed in the clearest visual way to everyone.

Marketing department

In the sales department, about 50 people from the marketing department are also responsible for introducing QQjili to users. The specific tasks of the marketing department are:

  • Conceptualize and implement advertising strategies, policies, and promotional conditions for new players.
  • Combine with betting associations and organize teams to compete with big stars through socialization activities. This is also how QQjili online casino enhances the company’s reputation and quality in the betting community.

Finance department

QQjili’s finance department is responsible for managing the deposit and withdrawal of players’ betting funds. All deposit and withdrawal payments will be processed by the finance department. Therefore, this department of the company has up to 100 employees. Like the customer care department, this is a department that works continuously 24/7, so transactions are always performed quickly and with high accuracy.

Design department

With only about 30 people in the design department, the game design and management department will ensure the quality of each game at QQjili. We are known for our high-quality and regularly updated games around the world, thanks to our design department.

Other department

In addition to the above-mentioned departments, QQjili still has a number of other equally important departments, including SEO department, administrative department, IT department, etc. The departments operate harmoniously, cohesively, and effectively. synchronously, contributing to building a quality and reputable QQjili online casino, fully meeting the betting desires and passions of each player.

Mission and values of QQjili

As the number one online casino in the Philippines, QQjili was born with the highest vision and mission. The online casino’s mission is to provide a trustworthy, quality, and transparent betting environment to the betting community in the Philippines. We will use your feedback and responses to improve.

With the ambition to become the world’s number one online casino, QQjili will constantly strive to improve the quality and quantity of its games. We will definitely bring you betting services worthy of what users want.


The above information summarizes everything about us for users. Through this introduction, you will get an overview of us. Please support us by creating an account and using our services.

How to start playing the QQjili


Please register to become an official member of QQjili. After registering, each time you play, you only need to log in with the correct registration name and password to play. Below are specific instructions:

Step 1: Visit the official QQjili page

After visiting the official page of QQjili,. Click on the “Register” button at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Fill in personal information

In the registration interface, enter all personal information in all boxes, including: username, password, password confirmation, login name, and Captcha code.

Step 3: Complete registration

Click the “register” button to submit information to the system. Wait for the “successful registration” message to appear, and you will have your own account.

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